Ali Sherif

Dipl. Mastercoach for Sport Rehabilitation

Is a specialisation from the university course of

studies for motoric- functional training

Motoric-functional Training-therapy-

Establishment of full motoric functionality


For more than 20 years I have been a self-employed physio-fitness,

Sport Rehabilitation, Cardio & Personal Trainer, MTT-medical Training-Therapy,

Aerobics, Pilates, Sport Massage & Therapy, in Germany and Europe


My clients include sports groups from the University of Münster, Germany, private customers

(Personal Training) and various fitness studios in Germany and other countries


I firmly believe that I possess the best qualifications and proven work experienceS

for such a position.

  • In 2015, at the Pedagogic University in Salzburg, Austria, under the auspices of Professor (Mag.) Franz Leberbauer, I successfully passed the Diploma examination with exceptionally high grades o become a Master Coach for Sport Rehabilitation.


  • Motoric-functional training therapy
  • establishment of their full physical functionality
  • MTT- Medical training therapy
  • Sport Massage & Therapy
  • Fascia training - Myofascial therapy
  • Aqua therapy
  • E-Gym - Rehabilitation and Fitness Equipment


  • In 2000 at the Physiotherapeutic School in Bergkamen, Germany I successfully completed the educational-training course to become a physio-fitness-trainer.


In addition, I have completed the educational training to become a Trainer for Sports Rehabilitation and Cardio Trainer at the Federal Sports Academy in Cologne, Germany and in have also broadened my knowledge by attending advanced training courses including those at the Kaiserau Sports School in Kamen, the Nike Academy Germany and the Body Life Academy Germany.


Brief résumé of my work experience:

Currently self-employed trainer for Physio-Fitness, Sport-Rehabilitation, Cardio, Aerobics, Pilates, Personal Trainer, Sport Massage & Therapy at:

  • Impuls Wellness & Health Park Ltd. CCI. Münster und Greven, Power Sport / Fit for life Fitness Centre Münster

  • Sports groups from the University of Münster, private customers (personal training),

  • Various fitness Studios in Germany und Europe

  • Workshops worldwide


Intermediate employment:

  • Aerobics Manager/Coordinator Gold’s Gym, Cairo, Egypt (2005)

  • Aerobics Manager/Coordinator Grand Gold’s Gym, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (2006)


Apart from my professional training, my employment as a trainer and my sports career,

I also possess a wealth of experience in the area of training-planning and organization

as well as dealing with current training apparatus, free weights and free physical workouts.


A further focal point of my work lays in the supervision of relaxation courses

to improve mental fitness.


Due to my many years of work experience I also possess excellent communicative skills.


Furthermore I have no problem adjusting to different types of customer personalities.


One can comfortably assume that I enjoy working with people and the experiencing group

and individual training as well as possessing an above average level of motivation.


I am trilingual, my mother tongue is Arabic and in addition I also speak fluent German,

very good English and basic Spanish...


My special focus lays in particular in the sports and kinetic courses for those employed with

motoric restrictions.


Due to my educational training at Salzburg University I am qualified to develop target group-

orientated health training programs, combining methods of Prevention and Rehabilitation.


Yours faithfully

Ali Sherif